Welcome to Lower Twin Lakes Lodge

Walleye You have reached the end of the line. Nakina is tied with another village father west for being the most northern settlement you can drive to in Ontario. North of our location is nothing but wilderness, with some yet to be explored.

Once upon a time Nakina had hopes to become a real town but the lumber industry moved elsewhere and a proposed mining operation was given the kibosh after aboriginal land claims were upheld in court. Nakina is close to being a ghost town now. The people have moved out and this has been the very best gift to the local lodges and outfitters. Fishing in Upper and Lower Twin Lakes has always been good due to the preservation of Pete's Bay; turning it into a big fish sanctuary, where Walleyes and Northern Pike can spawn undisturbed and then leave the bay to feed in the rich nutrient waters of our lakes and rivers. Starting back in 2005 the locals started moving out. That means the locals stopped fishing in the summer and stopped ice fishing in the winter. As a result since 2005 the fishing has greatly improved every year and now we have reached a fantastic level of fishing.

Walleye Fishing:

The Walleye fishing has always been good in both Upper and Lower Twin Lakes. Since size restrictions came into effect in the late 90s and with fishing pressure becoming very low with no locals fishing the lakes anymore; the Walleye fishing has become fantastic. On an average day guests can expect to catch between 15 and 25 Walleye with some guests having really good days and reporting that they caught over 50 Walleyes. The average size Walleye is about 2.5 pounds but there are plenty on 10+ pound Walleyes caught and released all spring, summer and fall.

Northern Pike Fishing:

Upper and Lower Twin Lakes have a high population of Whitefish. Most Northern Pike Fishing fanatics will tell you that lakes with Whitefish produce the biggest Northerns. In fact; a big fat 56-inch 40-pound Northern Pike was caught and released off our dock a few years ago. That is the largest Northern Pike that we are aware of ever being caught in our lakes. Guests can enjoy catching lots of Northern Pike in the 3 to 8-pound range with many 20+ pound trophy Northern Pike being caught and released all season.

Brook Trout Fishing:

There are Brook Trout in the Drowning River that runs in and out of both lakes but you have to go way down stream to get them, which is not practical. However, there are streams, rivers and stocked spring-fed lakes in the area that you can drive to and catch good eating size Brook Trout as well as Brook Trout up to 5 pounds. Some of these lakes are located on old logging roads that can be rough so having a 4X4 vehicle will help you gets to these little Brookie-stuffed gems. We call them gems because some of the lakes are Artesian Wells and produce beautiful emerald colored water.

Northern Pike

Black Bear Hunting:

Nakina is a trophy Black Bear factory. Areas burned by forest fires or cleared by logging allow grasses and many species of barriers to grow thus giving the Black Bears the nutrition they need to grow big and grow fast. There are many lakes and stream in the area that produce high populations of beaver, which is one of the Black Bear's favorite foods. The high population of Moose in the area also supplies extra predation opportunities. Black Bears in the area are common in the 175 to 275 pound but Black Bears over 400 pounds have been harvested from time-to-time.

Moose Hunting:

Nakina is the top Moose hunting destination in Ontario and maybe all of Canada. Due to the high population of Moose; outfitters in the Nakina area are issued more adult Bull Moose tags and Cow Moose tags than anywhere else in Ontario. There are many ATV trails, game trails and old logging roads that will allow you to get access to logged and burned areas where the Moose like to feed on new grasses and shoots from young softwood trees, which are always first to grow in these areas. Success rates are high with some Bull Moose reaching over 1300 pounds.

Grouse Hunting:

There are many game trails, ATV paths and old logging roads that you can walk down and find grouse. Grouse hunting is getting more popular each year as it is very enjoyable. Just imagine walking through the forest on a beautiful autumn day, getting some low-impact exercise and hunting these tasty game birds. 75% of grouse you see will be Ruffed Grouse. There are also Sharp Tailed Grouse and Spruce Grouse found in the Nakina area.


Both fisherpersons and hunters alike can enjoy all this adventure in our newly renovated housekeeping cabins, which are clean, roomy, comfortable and equipped with all the appliances and furniture you need. Our Fox Boro cabin is wheelchair accessible. We have a potable ramp to make our other cabins wheelchair accessible or easier for guests with physical challenges. The camp is located on a flat area where people with physical challenges can easily get from the cabins to the docks without any obstacles. We have sturdy docks that are not too high off the water.


We have a campground that faces Lower Twin Lake on one side and the drowning River runs along the length of the campground on another side. If you do not wish to rent one of our comfortable cabins you are welcome to bring your tents or RVs.

We have been working really hard upgrading the camp because we realize that these days people are looking for comfort as well as adventure. We have a high guest return rate because our guests know that every time they come back the camp is more comfortable, improved, the fishing is better and the hunting is better. We invite you to come and share the beauty of the extreme north with our family and have an adventure of a lifetime.

Best Regards
Bill & Jennifer